Dear Grannies

by J.O.E

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First street single of my up and coming mixtape which should be out very soon. A song dedicated towards my 2 Granny's who past away with Cancer


Dear Granny's a lot changed since yas past
Cant believe that the times just went so fast
Wish one last time I could hug the both of you
Was to young to understand but I did love the both of you
Its true I hope you can hear me up there
I want yas to know that I truly did care
Taught me lessons when I asked questions
I feel your breath when I feel depression
There's a gaping hole burning in my heart
Ni yas are gone its tearing me apart
The day yas died it left me in pain
I cant wait until I can see yas again
So make this my one last rhyme
Id die to yas both one last time
I see your faces when things go wrong
Make me feel right at home in places that I don't belong

Dear granny's x4

I guess that im saying I just miss you
Every second was cherished when I was with you
I loved yas im glad to be family
Deaths like a belt its always around me
I memorized all the things that yas taught me
And thanks for the presents that yas bought me
Hated the Priest for reading you eulogy
But that's life I guess it was meant to be
And please look over my mum and dad
Created miracles with the fortune that yas had
I don't remember yas lying in your death bed
I remember all the funny things that yas said
I don't hate God cause he made yas died
I guess that there was a vacancy in the sky
So tell my Grandas that I said hi
Its true the good ones really die
Until im in heaven ill stay in hell
Rest in Peace and farewell

Dear granny's x8


released June 12, 2012
Wrote by Joe McKee Produced By DJ Muggs Mixed & Mastered At Cloud9 Studios Belfast



all rights reserved


J.O.E. Belfast, UK

Keep it real.

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