What If ? feat Khalas

by Khalas J.O.E RZA

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Another track which done really well over the internet and made by me and Ayman Nasr also another track of the up coming mixtape


Im no longer a boy im a fully grown man
Looking at life like I don't even have a plan
What if I end up in the gutter, what I end up dead broke
What if I end up dead from this mother fuckin weed smoke
What if I don't go to Uni what if I don't get a degree
People will think im stupid as fuck like Wayne Rooney
But I know that im smart cause I know whats goin on
So for now im just tryna keep my head strong
People addicted to their soaps and watchin TV
But that never has and never will be me
Watchin a fake story why would I even care
Too busy reading Malcolm X and Guerrilla Warfare
But who knows what will happen in the years ahead
Just the fact that everyone's gonna end up dead
Cause that's the story off life and death is the end
So show love to your wife and appreciate your friends
Cause ya never know when a loved ones gonna go
It could be sudden death or just a lack of blood flow
So what if I don't get respected by the ones that I love
What if I don't get accepted by Allah above
What if your listening to this and don't know what I mean
What if this whole life is just a mother fuckin dream

Welcome to Belfast pain tribulations
Where ya live and loose many relations
Kids die young before they've even grew
No work ya might end up on the bru
The government live good with lots to eat
While little children starve on the street
Uncle got outta jail committed suicide
Political prisoner over Irish pride
A moment for the eleven Ballymurphy victims
For Cancer patients who couldn't afford vaccinations
Death is the only thing that you could do
How would ya feel if your friend died in front off you
Fuck the law ill never respect them
They left my Granda barely breathin
And hes the only person that I ever respected
Then my two Grannies where Cancer infected
They both died young and it gets scary
Especially when you read your best friends obituary
Im trapped here living with no opportunities
Huns and Fenians divided communities
Nearly got killed by the Republications
They wanted me to leave in documentations
But they weren't around to help me
That's why I rap like Malcolm X and I read James Connolly


released June 13, 2012
Written by Joe McKee & Ayman Nasr produced by RZA



all rights reserved


J.O.E. Belfast, UK

Keep it real.

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